Mums' Team

Brief and objectives

Mums’ Team is a unique project developed by South and West Yorkshire Sport aimed at recruiting mums of all ages to lead and instruct sport, health and fitness activities in their communities.

From arranging a game of table tennis on a lunch break to coordinating a group power-walk with mums before picking the kids up from school, Mums’ Team is designed to help as many women as possible to become orchestrators of sporting activity for others.

It runs across South and West Yorkshire with focus communities including Maltby, Mexborough, Dewsbury and Halifax.

We were appointed to create a high-profile, creative and impactful PR campaign.

Our objectives were:

  • Launch Mums’ Team in South and West Yorkshire with a focus on core communities
  • Secure expressions of interest for Mums’ Team
  • Recruit women from focus communities

Strategy and tactics

With just five weeks to create, deliver and achieve the objectives, working to tight timescales was a key element of our brief.

Following a mini focus group with the key target audience, we created an integrated PR campaign. Targeting mums of all ages - pre-school, primary, secondary and ‘empty nesters’ – we decided to use a mix of traditional and digital communications during the campaign.

We used social media and online forums to appeal to younger mums, while newspapers, radio and TV news items served to engage secondary age mums and ‘empty nesters’.

In order to give mums confidence to sign up and commit time to this new project, we created a project brand and identity.


We kicked off the campaign by creating a Mums’ Team logo using fonts and colours designed to appeal to all ages. This was printed onto hoodies which were used as an incentive to give to women who signed up as Mums’ Team mentors.

In the early stages of our five-week campaign, planning work involved a series of photo and video shoots with the four target groups in key community settings. The images and video footage were used throughout the campaign on social media, marketing materials and for media stories.

We also created branded social media platforms on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and prepared a launch press release and human interest case study.

To promote the project in community venues, we created regionalised Mums’ Team posters and postcards with inspirational imagery and messaging. These were distributed to community centres, sports clubs, libraries, churches and schools in the key communities. We also created business cards for Mums’ Team mentors to hand out to women encouraging attendance at activity sessions.

The campaign was launched through regionalised press releases and a human interest case study. This was followed by a series of Mums’ Team mentor case studies to maintain the project’s media profile and inspire women to get involved. We also seeded broadcast media features and created localised text for key community publications.

On the three social media platforms, we posted regular updates about the project, built relevant audiences by engaging with influential Facebook and Twitter accounts and bloggers, shared content and responded to questions. We created a series of nine promotional videos which were posted on the social media accounts throughout the campaign and were designed to inspire women to sign up to Mums’ Team.

Twitter and Facebook advertising campaigns were set up and delivered to drive target audiences to the web pages where there was a clear call to action.

Parent forums such as regional Mumsnet websites were used to engage women and provide updates about the project.

We delivered a training session for Mums’ Team mentors focused on supporting them to help can spread the word by communicating the benefits of the project through social media, and via community publications, newsletters and school websites.

Measurement and evaluation

The campaign was a huge success. In the four week delivery period, the results were:

  • Almost 200 women recruited
  • 15 media articles worth £29,866.25 and reaching 338,926 people
  • 8 broadcast media items
  • 9 videos achieving 2,448 video views
  • 24 posts Facebook posts, 90,785 page impressions, 398 page likes
  • 44 tweets, 91,962 Twitter impressions, 272 website clicks, 694 engagements, 100 followers, 82 retweets, 43 likes
  • 20 posts Instagram posts, 112 likes and 120 engagements